Recruit new volunteers.
Simplify your volunteer management.


Kandou is a volunteer recruitment and management platform that helps you expand your volunteer base, automate your volunteer event workflows and supercharge your impact on the community.

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Recruit New Volunteers

Kandou makes it easy for you to post and promote volunteer events in your city. List volunteer opportunities, set capacities and recruit volunteers.


Automate Volunteer Communication

We automatically send confirmation, cancellation and reminder emails + push notifications to your Kandou volunteers, so you can focus on running your event.


Manage Your Volunteers

With the Kandou Dashboard, you can capture all metrics about your volunteers and events. Connect with us on how we can host a Kandou Social after one of your events.




Augment your current recruitment strategy

We run Instagram and Google ads to your volunteer event postings, acting as a social and mobile recruitment solution to drive more engagement.


Broaden your volunteer and donation base

Reach an untapped demographic of volunteers: people with a few hours each week that can lend a hand and become future donors.


Simplify your volunteer management process

Our platform does all of the heavy lifting, providing you with a new source of volunteers and a platform to manage them.


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