Event Spotlight: Myght - Youth For Change Summit

We're so thrilled to be partners with Myght - a travel agency for the conscious traveler. But calling Myght a social good travel agency is not enough. They do so much more for the New York community.

To start, a percentage of their profits go directly to their Youth SEE Innovation initiative. What is Youth SEE Innovation? We're glad you asked! Youth SEE Innovation is a service-learning and leadership group that introduces youth leaders to social and environmental entrepreneurship through the lens of travel and tourism. 

And this April, Myght is hosting an interactive summit for 25 youth from across the five NYC boroughs. The summit is introducing these young leaders to social entrepreneurship, volunteerism and holistic mediation through workshops, panels and interactive sessions.

Speakers and workshop facilitators include executive coaches, social entrepreneurs in the travel industry, communications coaches, local youth leaders and so much more. 
Through this summit, the youth will identify problems within their communities, brainstorm solutions and develop strategies to alleviate these issues. If you are passionate about creating change, then this summit is for you!

Interested in attending this event as a youth leader or serving as an adult volunteer? Reach out to the Myght team at javier@myght.com. The Kandou team will be there - we hope to see you at the summit as well!