Partner Spotlight: Save the Children

Partner Spotlight: Save the Children

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the United States and around the world, Save the Children work to make sure that children have what they need to be healthy, go to school and be safe. We were thrilled to partner with Save the Children and host our own Letter Writing Party to give Kandou volunteers an opportunity to send happiness to a child in need. With Sponsorship programs in 23 countries, the organization reaches over 2.8 million children globally. 

It may seem like a small thing, but for kids living in poverty, a simple letter can mean so much. It says "Someone's thinking of you," and "Someone's rooting for you" and "We believe in you." 

Save the Children Letter Writing Party

At our Letter Writing Party last week, Kandou volunteers gathered around a large conference table in downtown Manhattan full of colored markers, papers and stickers with the sole intention of brightening up a child's day. With the opportunity to write caring letters to children in Haiti, we got to release our inner child! It was a great sight to see! 

Event Spotlight: Myght - Youth For Change Summit

We're so thrilled to be partners with Myght - a travel agency for the conscious traveler. But calling Myght a social good travel agency is not enough. They do so much more for the New York community.

To start, a percentage of their profits go directly to their Youth SEE Innovation initiative. What is Youth SEE Innovation? We're glad you asked! Youth SEE Innovation is a service-learning and leadership group that introduces youth leaders to social and environmental entrepreneurship through the lens of travel and tourism. 

And this April, Myght is hosting an interactive summit for 25 youth from across the five NYC boroughs. The summit is introducing these young leaders to social entrepreneurship, volunteerism and holistic mediation through workshops, panels and interactive sessions.

Speakers and workshop facilitators include executive coaches, social entrepreneurs in the travel industry, communications coaches, local youth leaders and so much more. 
Through this summit, the youth will identify problems within their communities, brainstorm solutions and develop strategies to alleviate these issues. If you are passionate about creating change, then this summit is for you!

Interested in attending this event as a youth leader or serving as an adult volunteer? Reach out to the Myght team at The Kandou team will be there - we hope to see you at the summit as well!

Partner Spotlight: FiDi Families

FiDi Families is a community organization dedicated to curating fun activities, classes, and other resources for residents of Lower Manhattan. FiDi Families and Kandou partner together to staff their events with volunteers and help make connections within the community. We love working with FiDi Families—keep an eye out for our next volunteer event with them!

Heard enough? Already interested in volunteering for a FiDi Families event? Then come out and join us at JDRF's Ready, Set, Play! Festival at the Chelsea Piers on Sunday, March 5th! All proceeds raised from Ready, Set, Play! will support JDRF's mission of creating a world without type 1 diabetes. 

And in the meantime, check out some of the fun events we've done recently with FiDi Families below for inspiration.

FiDi Families Halloween Festival

Kandou volunteers got in the Halloween spirit in the historic Seaport District while helping celebrate the Halloween Spectacular. Between passing out pumpkins, applying face paint, and rocking out at the Mad Science interactive show, Kandou volunteers helped make this a memorable day for all of the boys and ghouls and their families.


Jeff Lake Camp Open House

Kandou and Fidi Families partnered together in a recent open house benefitting the Jeff Lake Camp. The Jeff Lake Camp is a program for children to explore and learn among 350 acres of possibility, and Kandou was proud to help connect interested families with more information about how to get involved.


Farm Fresh Festival For Kids

For this event, Kandou volunteers helped bring the farm to the city. The South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan was transformed into an interactive and experiential farm environment for kids and families. And we helped run the Barbershop Books booth. Barbershop Books is an organization that creates child-friendly reading spaces in barbershops across the country. It was an awesome time helping to spread the joy of reading to kids (and, we got to wear duck hats, nothing beaks that!) Did we mention we're suckers for bad puns too?


We're excited to keep partnering with FidiFamilies and giving back to the New York community. If you've read this far, you should definitely join us at JDRF's Ready, Set, Play! Festival at the Chelsea Piers on Sunday, March 5th. All proceeds raised from Ready, Set, Play! will support JDRF's mission of creating a world without type 1 diabetes. See you there!

Partner Spotlight: ProjectArt

We're excited to share our latest Partner Spotlight post featuring Lane Lytle from ProjectArt. Their goal is to build the largest art school in the United States - without owning a single building! Check out the Q&A below to see how you can get involved with this inspiring organization.

What is the mission of ProjectArt, and more specifically, in New York? 

The mission of ProjectArt is to put paintbrushes in the hands of as many children as possible. 

Inspired by both the arts education crisis (over 4 million children in the United States alone do not receive adequate access to the arts in school) and the lack of affordable studio space for emerging artists, ProjectArt provides free, afterschool art classes in public libraries to youth ages 4-17. Nationally - our goal is the build the largest art school in the United States - without owning a single building!

How did you become involved with this organization? I became involved with ProjectArt in February 2016. I was looking to transition from my previous position and came across ProjectArt and immediately connected to the mission and knew this was what I wanted to do. 

Can you talk about the work ProjectArt does and the program or programs you run? ProjectArt provides art classes in 23 libraries in New York City in all 5 boroughs, in 5 libraries in Miami and 4 in Detroit. All the classes are free to the students and held after-school - creating a safe third space in the library where the students ultimately end up spending additional hours outside of ProjectArt where they do homework, use the computers, etc. 

Our classes are taught by teaching artists who partake in our Art & Social Practice Residency Program. The Residency is a yearlong program where - in exchange for studio space in the public library, residents teach 3 ProjectArt classes per week. At the end of the program, the residents will put on an exhibition at their perspective libraries, as well as participate in a group show at a high visibility exhibition space. 

What do you spend most of your time on? My job title at ProjectArt is External Affairs Manager - which encompasses a lot of different tasks! I am responsible for corporate sponsorships, press, event productions, managing volunteer roles and working with our Junior Board. My main responsibility is to make sure we create and form meaningful partnerships as well as make sure people know about ProjectArt and all the wonderful work we are doing. 

What is the best way people in New York can get involved and help ProjectArt? Most of our volunteer opportunities are in New York presently! To get involved sign up on our website:

What are your goals and ProjectArt's goals for the next three to five years? ProjectArt plans to continue our national expansion. In 2017, we plan to bring our programs to Los Angeles, Chicago and Pittsburgh. Our current expansion goal is to be in 11 cities by 2021. 

Apart from just external growth - ProjectArt also aims to look internally and continue to strengthen and develop the pre-existing programs and continue to think of ways that we can better become a more effective organization.

Anything additional? ProjectArt has recently been featured by Morton Salt and OK Go in the #Walkherwalk campaign and music video, One Moment! Check it out here.

Partner Spotlight: Habitat For Humanity NYC

We're excited to kick off our Partner Spotlight series with Briana Fullwood from Habitat for Humanity NYC. They're planning to build 250 homes in NYC by 2020 - check out the Q&A below to see how you can get involved with this awesome organization.

What is the mission of Habitat for Humanity globally and, more specifically, in New York? Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization working in nearly 1,400 communities across the United States and in 70 countries around the world. Habitat International’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat NYC works toward this vision by building strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with people and families in need of a decent and affordable home. Our mission at Habitat NYC is to transform lives and communities by building quality, affordable homes with families in need, and by uniting New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing.

How did you become involved with this organization? I began working for Habitat NYC in 2015 on our corporate partnerships team. I previously volunteered with the organization and was excited to learn of the opportunity to help bring affordable homeownership to New Yorkers. I currently manage Habitat NYC’s relationship with its corporate partners.

Can you talk about the work Habitat for Humanity does and the program or programs you run? Habitat NYC works in all five boroughs. We build single-family and multi-family housing to provide families with the foundation for a stable future and we preserve homes to provide multi-generational, affordable long-term housing.

What do you spend most of your time on? The majority of my time is spent cultivating and stewarding corporate partners. Corporate partners have the opportunity to organize company volunteer team build days and sponsor many other aspects of our projects.

What is the best way people in New York can get involved and help Habitat for Humanity? Habitat NYC builds year-round and there are many ways to volunteer including individual and group opportunities. Visit for more information.

What are your goals and Habitat for Humanity's NYC goals for the next three to five years? Habitat NYC plans to build and preserve 250 homes by 2020. With the help of thousands of volunteers each year, we work to create a stronger and more unified New York.

Make sure to check out our Volunteer Page for opportunities to give back with Habitat for Humanity NYC. 

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out the Kandou site and blog. We're excited you're here and even more excited to have you come out and volunteer with us.

The Kandou blog will be poppin' in 2017. We're stoked to share with you all of the awesome stuff that is going on in the world of volunteerism. This blog will feature:

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